NBA 2K21

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The competition goes on and the new part of NBA 2K21 is here! The game presents various modes to make your experience more diverse and thrilling. The general picture is pretty much the same as you remember it from the previous installments. There are NBA games to play in the real-time regime, where you will have a great chance to feel yourself as a real basketballer on the field. There are other players and teams controlled by real players and bots controlled by AI. The rules of the matches mimic the real-life rules of the NBA league and the objectives are the same – you have to develop your character and play as a part of team, heading to the major matches and obtaining victories. You can use the game modes like MyGM and MyLeague to create expanded teams, reaching the number of 36 teams per league. You are welcome to do any changes to your team, like rebranding and relocation. In this chapter, there are 12 teams to play for and there are 67 classical teams available in general.
The game includes MyCareer mode, where you can create a customizable basketballer and make a way to the top of your career. You can develop and grow as a player, improving your skills and becoming more and more famous. The game includes both male and female characters, which means that a women league of basketball is also available. All elements of your character are changeable and might be readjusted. Choose and customize the wardrobe, obtain new tattoos and haircuts, buy boots, and change suits. Train your character, doing workouts and exercises. Both personal player’s skills and the abilities of the entire team can be trained and improved. There is also a MyTeam mode, where you can create a marvelous basketball team of the best players ever, adding various features and establishing the stunning virtual group of legendary players. Players will cooperate and assemble in a team competing against each other in different formats. The MyTeam format includes different seasons that provide exclusive rewards each time you win a match. The rewards change and become better with every new season. The rewards are assigned in a form of cards and you can use them during the new matches. However, mind that there are some limitations about the card application. The team format allows you to control the large group of basketball players, inventing tactics and strategies for the whole body of the team. Happy playing!

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