NBA 2k20

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It seems like sport simulators has reached the highest level of development these days. It is hard to imagine a game of this generation that would beat incredible NBA 2k20, one of the most popular basketball titles ever existed. What is waiting for you in this amazing simulator? First of all, we are glad to inform you that the career regime is still here and what is more – it becomes better with every new part of the game. Comparing to the previous chapters, in this one you will find a better crafter and truly well-thought plot, where the story and characters are impressive. Even if you are not a fan of storytelling and would rather prefer fast-pacing and hot matches right on the basketball field, we suggest that you should try playing this one. Here you will meet a legendary basketballer LeBron James and an actor Idris Elba. Both are legendary and have impressive destinies, so if you would like to outlive their lives and find yourself in the shoes of these stars, don’t miss the chance to play a career mode. We bet that you will really like it!
The main hero of this chapter is called Che. He is a young black boy, who dreams of becoming a part of the NBA one day. He has graduated from a college and now wants to devote his entire life to sports. In this part of the game, the plot becomes more serious and advanced. Of course, there are jokes and funny moments here, but they are more “adult” and smart. In the career mode, you have a choice whether to play basketball with stars, play a role in a film about basketball, respond to your fans, or to ignore them. These are not very frequent situations, but they are pretty engaging. Your decisions will hardly ever influence the plot. However, as it was earlier, you will find it interesting to track and observe your basketballer’s development. The story is interesting enough to keep your attention, so you won’t get bored in the process for sure. The creators of the game are pretty attentive to the details. You can choose the outfits for various events – whether you want to wear a sport costume or a tuxedo.
The gameplay is truly great as well. There more than 20 variations of dribbling and the players behave as their prototypes. There is more freedom for your actions now and you can perform truly crazy tricks and stunts on the playing field. This game is not for defensive schemes, it is more about energetic playing and attacks. Remember that your rivals are controlled by advanced AI technologies – they choose really great positions for throws and defend themselves pretty nice. The animation is improved as well – not the ball flies more smoothly. The rest of the gameplay elements are pretty much the same as you remember them from the previous parts of this glorious game.

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