NBA 2K19

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What is a real incredible basketball match for a real fan of this game? A holiday, of course! Are you ready for a never-ending celebration and joy? Then enter the marvelous simulator NBA 2K19. This game is a real masterpiece of the genre and one of the best titles devoted to sports ever. The developers did their best to arrange a real sense of a holiday for all players – the tribunes are shouting out loud, the most favorite team rushes to the victory, and the lights are shining brightly. The basketballers are lively and active – they communicate during the game and ask for passes. Commentators are talking during the entire match, girls from the cheerleading squad dance on the background, and mascot is engaging the people on the tribunes – everything happens the way it should on the real match. Shouts, emotions, kicks of the ball, and sirens that inform about the end of the match – everything is bright and overwhelming, that you might forget about the game sometimes.
This part can boast of having a much smoother gameplay than the one in the previous chapter. The general tempo of the matches is lower now and there are more moves and tricks that help you struggle with your rivals. Now hitting the score is easier than making your way through the crowd of opponents. They are controlled by an advanced AI technology. The rivals are smart and rarely leave the open areas on the field. They mind your every move, so playing against them is pretty interesting. The gameplay is more convenient now – now the timing for your throws is displayed on the screen. Previously, you had no chance to analyze the throws and understand why did you failed to hit the basket. Now you can track your moves easier and see what the problems were. However, mind that more convenient doesn’t mean easier – the more functions and instruments you have, the more things are there to master. The AI is so hard to trick – he predicts too many of your moves! Have fun and good luck! Do your best to win all the matches!

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