NBA 2K14

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Millions of basketball fans and sport simulators, rejoice! The best game ever is at your disposal and we bet that you will have a good time playing on the field with real stars of the world basketball. And, what is more, you will become one yourself. This great title is your personal window to the bright universe of competition, victories, and fun. Team work and personal growth are waiting for you in this simulator and we bet that you will feel yourself like a real star of sports, able to do everything! Shine brightly on the stage and enjoy your gaining and rewards!
This part of the game allows you to become one of the best basketball players of all times. Yes, this is legendary LeBron James, a real star of basketball and incredible player. You will have a chance to find yourself in his shoes, outliving his career from the earliest years to the days of his glorious fame and worldwide love. Make your Path to Greatness along with LeBron and enjoy the original story to take part in. You will take James’ career into your own hands and reach the fame in the club called Miami Heat. The other option – you can always try yourself as a member of another team. You will take part in numerous thrilling and highly-emotional matches that will decide the destiny of your team and you as a player. The game is realistic in this regard – your success is in your own hands. You can train, choose the career steps to make, and move forward all the time. Have fun and enjoy the best basketball simulator ever existed! Become a star of world sports and own the main cup of the world champion!
This part of the game is available for free playing sessions online. You are welcome to launch it right from your browser at any time! Welcome to the world of basketball, where you can make your own way to fame and success. You are the author of your story and the only one to decide everything that happens next. Become a star and prove that you are the best player in the entire universe. This is your perfect chance to live another life – full of energy, power, incredible gains, and amazing events!

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